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Bolder Breakfast

The tradition we have in Bolder to gather the team and go outside to have breakfast is deeply rooted in our philosophy.  Its about discovering the places in you neighborhood, being curious of your sorroundings, its not necessary to travel far to get the good experiences....

Invited to Chicago and DePaul University

We at Bolder have defined a unique and challenging business space for ourselves.  Of course we wouldn't want it any other way.  It means we must draw on expertise from select communities, both local and global.  Joe Chesak, our Chief Data Officer, recently travelled to Chicago to visit...

Nordic Edge EdTech 2017 debate

"We need to stop letting ourselves be constrained by the past and how we have done things, and rather look into what the needs of society is today and will be in the future. What possibilities lies within technology available to us today that we...

Some Highlights from Nordic Edge Expo 2017

After a very successful Nordic Edge we would like to share some of  our highlights: Excited about putting you at the center we contributed to the program with our core competencies and passions within tech and philosophy, privacy right, sustainability, conscious and active living. Thank you to...

Bolder at Nordic Edge, Debate – Edtech

  Tuesday, september 26th 13.00-14.30 Come watch the debate, topic: Edtech Panelists: Tobias Heiberg, Leader of the UCC Academic University for Digitalization and Learning in Copenhagen Karen Ramsland, HR Manager, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank Christian Sørbye Larsen, Special Adviser and Project Manager, Bærum Municipality Pamela Sudmann, Chief Adviser, Time Municipality Eirik Skjærseth, Founder, Bolder...